Hoàn toàn khỏa thân – yoga đích thực cần như thế!

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Yoga - Sputnik Việt Nam
Có lẽ đây là cảnh Instagram tĩnh tại nhất thế giới.

Yoga trở nên thịnh hành một vài năm trước đây — sự phổ biến mà trước thời điểm này dường như chúng ta cho là không xứng đáng. Hôm nay xung quanh ta bao nhiêu cô gái say mê yoga, nhiệt tình luyện tập, sắm những tấm thảm sặc sỡ nhiều màu sắc và đi đâu cũng mang theo (mặc dù khó lòng kiểm tra được xem thực tế tấm thảm được dùng như thế nào).

Những cô gái tập yoga có vẻ rất hấp dẫn. Còn bây giờ, dường như đã tìm thấy đại diện hấp dẫn cực đỉnh trong số những người đẹp hấp dẫn nhất.

Cô gái này "cư ngụ" trong Instagram và tự gọi mình là Nude Yogagirl, có nghĩa là "nàng yoga khỏa thân". Cô thường xuyên đăng tải ảnh phong cảnh mà trong đó cô thực hiện các tư thế yoga  khi hoàn toàn lõa thể. Đúng, đây là cảnh tĩnh tại ngoạn mục nhất thế giới, có khả năng mang lại sự an nhiên hòa dịu cho cả những tâm hồn đang bão tố. Tức là yoga hữu hiệu!

My message in this account is "You are beautiful exactly the way you are". I would like to say this everybody face to face, I would like to make people feel it. I really hope that everyone finds self-acceptance and starts to love themselves fully. ❤ I'm worried especially about young girls nowadays and their pressure and thoughts about how they "should" look. I have to say that I'm happy that I'm 26, I wouldn't like to be younger… It was hard to want to change all the time some parts of my own body and feel that it's not good enough. For example I HATED my boobs. Now I think more about who is intrested about if you have small or big boobs?! Who cares! And if someone cares about things like that, I'm not intrested in hearing his/her opinion… ❤ Now I really have peace with myself and also because of yoga I can say I love myself exactly the way I am. But I still remember well, when I looked at myself only critically. If I could say something to a 5-10 years younger me, I would like to say to her… ❤ "Your breast size (or lack of that) doesn't affect who you are, who you will be, whom you get, who wants you or how happy you will be. Those are just boobs. In your life there will be thousands more important and more significant things, problems and delights. So don't make a mountain out of a molehill. You are so much more than your boobs and besides of that, no one won't ever think about them as much as you do (at least not for their insufficiency). So enjoy fully what you have been given."☺ ❤ Many times there are some reasons why we think that we aren't good enough, so I also hope that people would be careful how they comment others outlook and would teach also their childrens to respect diversity. I hope that also some of the media would take responssbility for the false beauty image they are sharing… ❤ Also on this IG account I have noticed that many of us have or had a problem in accepting a particular body part.. How did you get over that, if you have? ❤

Публикация от Nude Yoga Girl (@nude_yogagirl) Июл 24 2016 в 11:04 PDT

Yesterday's photoshoot was really fun… I usually decide before hand what poses I'm going to do and mostly I look for inspiration on pinterest, instagram or books. But yeasterday I was in a different mood and I had so many ideas that I wanted to try out and I improvised every pose during the photoshoot. That was so much fun and I also like the photos more because there are many poses/shapes that I haven't seen elsewhere. ❤ I'm not very good at following guidance or rules… I get bored easily if I can't put my mark on something. For example when I follow healthy recipes, I like to be creative and try things my own way. ❤ I think creativity is a skill of combining things in a new way and produce.. It's not very common to invent something completely new. Therefore, I try to expose myself to as much diverse information as possible. I've read that creative thinking is a result of a lifestyle that feeds creativity and I believe it. ❤ It's good to focus on things that you are passionate about but you should still keep your eyes open for other things too. It's wise to be consciously curious. You might not benefit from all the information now but in the future that information might be very useful. ❤ So if you want to be more creative.. Read, look and listen. Be positively interested in your environment. I believe in this and I try to be curious and interested about everything in life, all the time. As a result, you have more material, data and information to use to your advantage. ❤ Creativity is much more abstract than the skill of playing piano, building a house or a mathematical calculation of invoices. Still, it can be practiced and developed.

Публикация от Nude Yoga Girl (@nude_yogagirl) Фев 7 2016 в 8:47 PST

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